Total Anarchy Ep 9: Subsidized Immigration

The injunction on enforcing the new definition of the public charge rule has been lifted. The case has yet to be finally decided. Although the US Federal Government is not going to apply ANYTHING in a sane and efficient manner or without committing thefts, the rule, AS WRITTEN, is not an act of aggression. 

The US Supreme Court

There is rampant confusion as to what US Supreme case law means or does. This is not surprising as the legal system is set up to be as confusing and obfuscated as humanly possible. While the other two branches routinely exceed their stated power, you can not even reference the US Constitution for an overview of what the Supreme Court does because what’s written there is not what they do.

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Total Anarchy Episode 1: Guest Rich Paul, Defensive Force NAP vs Strategy

In the first episode of Total Anarchy we discussed defensive force against cops, the appropriate argument to make to your audience, the NAP status of welfare, the NAP status of immigration, and the NAP statute of advocating an increase in statism.

Next episode will be filmed on a different application and will be higher quality.