Total Anarchy Episode 16: Kyle Rittenhouse’s Age

The State ought to be blocked by equitable estoppel from prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse for this or any other crime as it has already taken the position that he was a child on the date that he committed any acts that it wants to prosecute him for. Ironically, Kyle is looking at a life sentence for not being able to deescalate a conflict that he entered well enough for the State’s liking, while as a minor the State would force him into a conflict ridden environment known as public school almost every day and not allow him to use the gold standard of deescalation- walking away. The State also forces young adults who’s parents are on the opposite end of the spectrum from Kyle’s parents (who presumably allow him to possess AR 15s) to remain in conflict ridden environments literally all the time, apply general rules of battery to the young adult and not the instigator, and take away the obvious solution of walking away from the conflict. Then the State has the audacity to feign surprise and offense when a young adult decides to place themselves in a situation where conflict is foreseeable. If the State actually believed the Kyle was a child then the appropriate response from them would be to treat him as a missing child and attempt to find his parents. It did not occur to the cops to do this because, aside from all obvious issues with cops, they do not actually believe that Kyle and other 17 year olds are children.

Total Anarchy Episode 12: Invisible

Everything is absolutely invisible as of late. Masks allow people to be invisible, and cause unwitting and unwilling people to serve as noise covering up the indistinguishable people committing aggressions around them. Many bio signals that humans are supposed to get from seeing faces are rendered invisible, which might explain any outlier behavior exhibited in the last five months. Property lines are invisible to aggressive mobs, and the aggressive mobs are invisible to those who wish to enforce their objectives at the expense of their victims. The dangers of being in the presence of a black bloc are invisible to most people, who are determined to believe that once you make it inside your care you have found safety.

Total Anarchy Episode 12: Invisible

Total Anarchy Ep 11: We Are NOT Living In A Society Here

And we never were. All pleas that we should act a certain way or, more often, support a certain subset of degenerate behavior are now conclusively proven to be disingenuous.

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Total Anarchy Ep 9: Subsidized Immigration

The injunction on enforcing the new definition of the public charge rule has been lifted. The case has yet to be finally decided. Although the US Federal Government is not going to apply ANYTHING in a sane and efficient manner or without committing thefts, the rule, AS WRITTEN, is not an act of aggression. 

It’s Not Attempted Murder When We Do It: David Hogg

David Hogg was recently swatted. Which means that someone called the State and requested that they violently attack Continue reading It’s Not Attempted Murder When We Do It: David Hogg