Total Anarchy Ep 11: We Are NOT Living In A Society Here

And we never were. All pleas that we should act a certain way or, more often, support a certain subset of degenerate behavior are now conclusively proven to be disingenuous.

After supporting price controls and decrying the evils of “price gouging” after ever minor disaster that interrupted a supply line to a localized area (or caused businesses to have to choose between staying closed or paying for gasoline in a generator; or staying closed or paying overtime to employees working in worse conditions) people are not only buying everything they can get their hands on, but now explicitly demanding that you don’t buy a normal amount of groceries so that they can get particular groceries. They caused the shortages by supporting policies that prohibit action that would ensure shelves were stocked, but it’s your fault for having a job. Maybe one day we’ll be able to dissolve the State and actually live in a society and not tell people that they shouldn’t buy groceries so that the State can play baby daddy.

The allegation of everyone being simultaneously asymptomatic and a carrier of an unreasonably deadly disease is equally as ridiculous as claims in 2005 that New Orleans was simultaneously under water, on fire, and being looted. Which is the quality logic I’ve come to expect from people believing the media. If being a person is aggression, then morality is completely irrelevant because no one can come close to being moral. Its is also incredibly interesting that the people who are supporting the lockdown where everyone of any level of guilt or innocence is on modified house arrest (though all forms of house arrest I was familiar with from working in the legal system still allowed you to go to work) and prohibited in engaging in most commerce for five month are in no way opposed to having lots of casual sex, and while most of them would encourage protection, they don’t consider it to be a moral imperative as they do not breathing air within six feet of them.

WIC, who has the power to change WIC rules, and Mary Mahaney are attempting to prohibit people who are not on WIC from purchasing particular groceries. Luckily for us they are as bad at that as they are at providing for themselves.

This is the video of a State official that I played admitting that the “need” for the lockdown is due to lack of medical resources, not the severity of the virus per se.

A man “cooperates” with a quarantine order in Kentucky.

Until next week, stay healthy by not going outside, most doctor visits being illegal, eating whatever you can find at the grocery store, and having increased stress because you or most people around you are currently unemployed.