Total Anarchy Ep 10: Apocalypse Edition

This isn’t exactly a website for kids, but this one is particularly not G rated. I rant about the lockdown, which is a front for what happens when you go and print in one stimulus bill roughly half of the current amount of your currency in existence and get rid of fractional reserve banking, but in the bad way, by getting rid of the reserve part instead of the fraction part. With the FRN’s peg to oil in danger, it looks like the Federal Reserve is cashing out. So it’s doing what all evil things do as they see themselves dying, flailing about and killing things. This is what a “peaceful” dissolution of a State looks like. They never JUST pack up and go home.

Meanwhile, we are NOT “living in a society” and we never were. People who are convinced that they can have it both ways insist that people refrain from saying mean words about them while they buy every paper product in the store and three months worth of meat, knowing that they have taught the inventory system that they buy things one week or one month at a time. Refraining from making difficult decisions when you aren’t faced with difficult choices doesn’t make this a society; it makes you non-insane.

I would like to point out that none of the measures are being suggested and implemented to lessen the effects of the virus per se. They are being suggested and implemented to lessen the effects of having Certificates of Need and an slew of regulations on medical equipment, many of which are being lifted now because they weren’t so necessary after all.

A society is only as moral as it is prosperous. Which is why the lockdown will cause more deaths than the virus, even if I am drastically underestimating the effects of the virus, and the lockdown’s effects will linger for longer. Once you descend into survival focused beings not rich enough to focus on anything else you can’t cure that with a vaccine or a variation on Tamiflu.