Anarchist Logical Fallacies

Appeal to Rothbard- quoting Rothbard instead of making an argument

Ad Via- attacking the stated goal of a government program, when the stated goal is not inherently immoral or stupid, instead of explaining why the government should not do things
Appeal to Galt’s Gulch- pretending that, because anarchy is better than statism, it will be a perfect utopia
Statist Quoque- attacking your opponent’s involvement with the government instead of his argument
The Purity Fallacy- assuming that because it is impossible to not drive on the roads, that any level of government involvement is moral
Personal Credulity- attempting to explain how every facet of society would work in the absence of the State
Stateman- acting as if every opponent is either pure fascist or pure socialist and misrepresenting their argument accordingly
Loaded Question- asking your opponent if he drives on the roads
Unicycle- appealing to the fact that a position is obscure or not held by many people
Appeal to Criminality- saying that because something is illegal, it is good and should be done
Origin Fallacy- defending the LP
Law of Excluded Minarchy- pretending that there are options other than the State existing and the State not existing
Antidotal Ruling- the belief that because one person was able to get a case dismissed, that the entire legal system is now unenforceable and devoid of force
Post Minarchist Ergo Propter Minarchist- claiming that because some people were minarchists before they were anarchists, creating minarchists will create anarchists
Guilt by Association- attacking someone for having statist friends instead of attacking their argument

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