Total Anarchy Episode 12: Invisible

Everything is absolutely invisible as of late. Masks allow people to be invisible, and cause unwitting and unwilling people to serve as noise covering up the indistinguishable people committing aggressions around them. Many bio signals that humans are supposed to get from seeing faces are rendered invisible, which might explain any outlier behavior exhibited in the last five months. Property lines are invisible to aggressive mobs, and the aggressive mobs are invisible to those who wish to enforce their objectives at the expense of their victims. The dangers of being in the presence of a black bloc are invisible to most people, who are determined to believe that once you make it inside your care you have found safety.

Total Anarchy Episode 12: Invisible

Total Anarchy Ep 11: We Are NOT Living In A Society Here

And we never were. All pleas that we should act a certain way or, more often, support a certain subset of degenerate behavior are now conclusively proven to be disingenuous.

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Total Anarchy Ep 9: Subsidized Immigration

The injunction on enforcing the new definition of the public charge rule has been lifted. The case has yet to be finally decided. Although the US Federal Government is not going to apply ANYTHING in a sane and efficient manner or without committing thefts, the rule, AS WRITTEN, is not an act of aggression. 

The US Supreme Court

There is rampant confusion as to what US Supreme case law means or does. This is not surprising as the legal system is set up to be as confusing and obfuscated as humanly possible. While the other two branches routinely exceed their stated power, you can not even reference the US Constitution for an overview of what the Supreme Court does because what’s written there is not what they do.

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Pro-Life People Keep Failing the Burning Clinic Hypo

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